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“The Reform Symposium is an ideal website if you are looking for information about government projects and programs. There are so many things you can learn just by reading the articles they post here. Granted, you don’t need to believe everything you see here. You can make your own research. I did, and so far all of the information they uploaded here even the most unbelievable one is proven to be true. They are very thorough with the job they do which allows them to build their reputation in this field. It is not easy to release the information they give. But the way they do it is very tactful and not at all judgmental. You can easily get a glimpse that what they really do is to simply give information to the general public, nothing more and nothing less. I applaud their capability to do this. Really amazing.


“Not only once did I prove thy this website is amazing. I have proven it time and time again which allowed me to use this on my researches. This website is very helpful since such data they possess are not available easily to the public. But nevertheless, it aids us especially in the research that we do. Plus, they are all for free. They never sought to have their information here for sale. They never charged even a single penny for it. They are non-profit and that is what I love about this website the best. If you do not understand anything, they are always willing to help you out. They will give you all the information you need without malice. Plus, if you need more, they are going to help you source out the information you need. This website is recommended indeed. 5-stars for the people behind this page.”