About Us

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Reform Symposium is a website that gives you the most updated news and information about government projects and programs. We do a fact-checking here of the many promises politicians did during their campaign. We know that you are curious to know what they have achieved so far, as such we are giving that to you here.

This website was made in 2001 to give you news about what’s been happening around you. We know that it is not always that you get legitimate information due to some website serving the interests of specific people in the position. Because of that, this website hopes to address that.

How do we fulfill this promise to you?

Simple. We have here many volunteers who are concerned about transparency and facts. Through them, we gather more information straight from the sources. We are deliberate when it comes to our fact-checking so you can assure that we’ll never go wrong. The people who do the fact-checking are not even a part of our team. They are third-party concern citizens. This is why you can be assured that we are not simply serving our self-interest. Our goal includes keeping people informed about statistics and facts. We make them available so those who can read them can formulate conclusions themselves. We give nothing less than the data interpretation here. We do not give anything more so we cannot influence others opinions.

In this website, to be more transparent, we also have our own forum page where you can dispute any or all the articles we post here. We understand that sometimes, there are facts that are hard to believe so we engage our guests in a healthy and harmonious discussion. You can participate all you want to the debate and we promise you that at the end out all, you’ll find yourself more informed than ever.

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