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This Frequently Asked Questions page will give you all you need to know about this website and its advocacy. This is where all the common questions of our frequent guests are collected to serve as your reference in going through the content of this website. Haven’t found the information you are looking for? No worries, you can always send us an email at the numbers located at our contact us page.

Are you affiliated with any government or non-government organizations?

We’ve been getting such inquiries often. But honestly, we are not even an organization in this website. What we are is simply a website that gives you up-to-date information about government projects. You can easily find them also by yourself, however, with difficulty. As such, we strive to make your lives easier and more convenient by making such information readily available to you.

Where do you get your information?

Telling you about our sources is strictly confidential and for the reference only of the people behind this website. We understand that you are not convinced with just our words so you can do fact-checking yourself. We assure you that we never go wrong on the information we post here. They are no less than legitimate and are specifically made for your benefit.

Do we need to pay for the information that we will get here?

You can get all the information you are looking for here for free. We do not charge any money at all unless you want to donate in support to this website.

Do we need to register before we can access this website?

No, you don’t. Unless you are going to access the forum page, having an account is not anymore necessary. All the content of this website is open to the public. So please do not hesitate to access them all you want.